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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

This sections contains a series of frequently asked questions about ethical clothes production and other related areas.

If you have a question you'd like to see answered or a suggestion for a site, please complete our form

What Do You Mean By 'Ethical'?
Ethical is a wide term to encompass fairness to people, the environment and all parties involved in the production of our clothes. For more details explore our ethical section.

Are There Any Magazines I Can Subscribe To?
We rather like the following magazines:
Ethical Consumer
What ones would you recommend? Tell Us

What Are The Books On Your Bookshelf?
No Logo – Naomi Klein
Clue Train Manifesto – Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, David Weinberger
Go MAD – The Ecologist –
In Sam we Trust – Bob Ortega
The Seed Handbook – Lynne Franks
Business as Unusual – Anita Roddick
Perfect Health – Deepak Chopra
Real Gorgeous – Kaz Cooke
Stupid White Men – Michael Moore
The Global Me – G. Pascal Zachary
The Silent Takeover – Noreena Hertz
Ethical Shopping – William Young & Richard Welford
Good Business - Steve Hilton and Giles Gibbons

What would you recommend we read once we have finished these?

How Do You Decide On Sizes?
We have based our sizes on the sizes of the three high street stores and worked with a professional grading company. Click here to look at sizing information and tips on measuring yourself or email us if you have any questions

What If I Don’t Feel Safe Ordering Over The Internet?
You can call us on 0870 005 7080 and place your order. Our web order form is also set up so that you can print it and pop it and a cheque or bank order into the post.

Or you can choose off line payment on the on-line booking form which will place your order with us, give you an order number and you can then send your payment with the order number on it.

What Do You Mean By 'Limited Edition'?
Some of the fabrics are only available in limited amounts. When these garments are sold out, we cannot produce any more.

What Does The Label 'Charity Programme' Next To A Garment Mean?
This means that a 5 % of the price of the garment before tax is donated to the charities. We are interested in working with charities, not just donating money to them.

Please click here to see details on the programmes we are working on at the moment.

Do You Use Recycled Paper?
We are working very closely with our printers and packaging suppliers to source all our paper from recycled or sustainable sources. Our printers Beacon Press are specialists in this area and all our material is printed recycled paper using their Pure Print processes. All our packaging is 75% recycled, but we have yet to find affordable environmentally friendly sticking tape!

Are You Setting Up Your Own Ethical Measurement System?
As much as possible we are keen to work with companies and people who have already developed systems for measuring ethical production. For example, we have used the Eti base code and the SA8000 to build our Code of Conduct.

Wherever possible, we plan to use the systems set up by Organic Boards, Fair Trade Association and ethical magazines and books like Ethical Consumer and Ethical Shopping. We do not want to reinvent the wheel; we just want to make clothes as ethically as we possibly can.

We plan to share all information on the website to keep our customers fully informed.