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our ethical policy

ethically me is founded on the principle of fair and equitable treatment of all stakeholders associated with the business, including customers, employees, subcontractors and the wider community.

We want to formally represent the real needs of all our partners, to reinvest in the communities we operate within, and which provide us with goods and services, and to ensure the longevity of these communities through fair and ethically sound policies. To this end, our organisational values can be summarised here:

Our Core Values

  • To maintain fair business practices for all individuals associated with this endeavour i.e. employees, producers, manufacturers, partners
  • To provide our customers with products which reflect their values and lifestyles
  • To partner only with other likeminded organisations
  • To reinvest both financially and practically in the communities within which we operate
  • To support organisations and charities which reflect our values
  • To use environmentally sound manufacturing processes where possible and to monitor and improve processes over time.

Implementation Of Our Policies
Ethical is a very broad term and while we strive to create an increasingly more evolved ethical company, choices have to be made. Our ethical policy is implemented in a number of ways, outlined below.

  • Ethical Work Agreement
    As far as possible, we maintain fair working practices within the supply chain. We have created an auditing document, which we will revise at least once a year. It covers both human rights and safety standards issues. All our manufacturers have to sign it and we will have independent audits.
  • 5% Percent of Profits to Charity / Working with Charities
    We want to be involved with charities on a project basis rather than just donating money. Since we are based in the UK, we decided to get involved with two charities:
    Design Kids and Quakers
  • Use of Organic vs. Non-Organic Fabrics
    A significant proportion of our clothes are made from organic fabrics. We continue to seek high quality organic fabrics that will enable us to produce an entire range in them. Currently, we feel that it is a trade-off between producing high quality garments and using organic fabric that is not necessarily of good quality. This issue is something we hope our customers will help us decide. Please feel free to leave any pertinent comments

Version Numbers
One way to measure our progress and to see what we are achieving is to check each item of clothing for their version numbers.

Each version number has a unique meaning, as outlined below. Every garment will carry a label verifying the version numbers it guarantees.

We would like to know what you think. It would really help us to know if you could let us know what we are doing right or wrong. Please email us